SPV Experts

for Hire and Advice

SPVs.co gives you access to SPV experts, specifically former Assure employees, and useful do-it-yourself SPV advice, best practices, and how to dos.


If you are transitioning from Assure and need assistance you can hire a former Assure employee who has access to Assure’s systems. If you are wondering how to run SPVs on your own you can watch our various educational videos. Welcome to all things SPVs.

Payment is for 1 hour regardless of complexity, tasks, or time requirements. Work is conducted in 1 hour blocks. If the task or tasks require more than 1 hour of work a new request and payment must be submitted.

Need assistance with documents


per hour

Need assistance with general questions


per hour

Need assistance with the division of fund entities


per hour


Fill out the form below, pay the fee and a former Assure employee will reach out to you within 48 hours. Most Assure employees have new jobs and this work is at nights and weekends for them so please be patient.